Brad Blaze

Brad Blaze

Speed Painter

It’s not just about painting to music.  It’s Brad’s ability to connect with his audience and his showmanship that have brought events to life. Audiences will be in awe as paintings are made in minutes. 

Whether he is painting an iconic person, a CEO or celebrity, or a product, he keeps the audience guessing as to who or what he is painting, only revealing the subject with a few carefully placed brushstrokes or a spin of the canvas in the final breathtaking moments; Brad utilises large canvases and where possible, live-to-screen footage. With music pumping and fast action this is a high adrenilin entertainment.

What really sets Brad’s performance apart is the comedy audience involvement, which he has performed throughout Australia, Asia and the United States. As it is very visual entertainment, the comedy can relate to all guests – Brad has performed alot of shows for non-English speaking guests. Willing audience guests may find themselves onstage mimicking Elvis dance moves, answering trivia on a famous celebrity or moving like Michael Jackson. With his outgoing personality, Brad ensures that is good clean fun and suitable for the audience. Using his background as a magician, Brad has a special technique where a ‘blaze’ of fire can reveal a corporate logo, slogan on the canvas.  It’s the perfect way to thank a sponsor, leave a lasting message or to advertise a product. Brad’s artwork serves as a lasting memory to the event.  His artwork is hung in corporate offices, given to sponsors or they can be auctioned for charity.

As a speed painter he brings people and products to life on canvas in a matter of minutes choreographed with high energy music. He keeps you guessing as he often paints upside down spinning the canvas in both directions. But there is a further twist - with his knowledge of magic, he often brings the completed painting to life with a magical illusion - using fire to reveal logos or parts of the painting.

You can choose from one of Brads exciting shows or custom tailor your own to make your event unforgettable. Brad currently has four shows that he is performing worldwide - Icons of the 20th Century, Magic on Canvas, The Art of Rock Music and his customised shows.

His high energy shows are one of a kind - supported by his model dancers, his Magic on Canvas show is a truly amazing and unique experience - speed painting, comedy, magic, dancing and audience participation - the stage show has the wow factor that will amaze and excite the audience at any type of corporate or special event. 

Ifyou would like more information, or would like to book Brad, please contact us.



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